We set out to find the perfect bag

“The idea for first designing this bag came about because I couldn’t find what I was looking for – a bag both functional and durable for work and travel – as well as fitting all occasions from day to evening use. I decided to design it. My passion for textiles and materials has always informed my personal and professional aesthetic choices and this became important when designing the bags”

The leather, fabrics, textiles and prints of his native Italy have been in Stefano’s blood sine he started working in the little village Marostica near Venice. Since then he has gained over 20 years hands on experience as a product design consultant and business developer for producers of luxury textiles throughout Europe, US, Japan and the Middle East.

He has worked extensively with suppliers to many of the most prominent and recognisable brands. Stefano’s approach to is an immersive process of research, experimentation, consultation with artisans before prototype. The importance of quality is paramount and the leather used comes from less than 5% of the industry that does not use tanning leather. These days Stefano divides his time travelling the world helping a range of companies and designers to develop beautiful, innovative products, combining authentic materials in sometimes unexpected ways but always demonstrating the sophistication of Italian style.

Stefano Lago CEO and Founder
Stefano Lago CEO and Founder

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